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Food Safety

HR services for employers. Sentient provide support to business in areas of HR, Employment Law, Health and Safety, Food Hygiene and Training

Food Safety and Hygiene

Sentient provide practical, cost-effective food safety solutions that solve your regulation difficulties. All restaurants, caterers and businesses selling food to the final customer must comply with food safety rules and regulations.

Organisations in the UK are governed by the Food Hygiene Regulation (EC) 852/2004, which explains all the rules regarding handling and processing of foods. Similar regulations apply to food manufacturers and food retailers. In England this Directive was affected through the Food Safety and Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013.

Your main food safety concerns are to ensure you don’t find yourself at the centre of a food poisoning scandal and to make sure you satisfy the demands of your local environmental health officer.

Whatever branch of the food service business you happen to be in - catering, hospitality, manufacturing, retail or other - our food safety and hygiene management expertise will help you comply with all the necessary standards and help to keep your business and your reputation safe.

Food Safety Audits

Sentient’s food safety audits are perfect when you need advice and guidance from an objective professional to establish that all is in order before your customer, auditor or the environmental health officer visits. Following HACCP(Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) principles, our food safety consultants have been providing 3rd part food auditing services to the food industry for over 20 years. We will even act as liaison officers between your company, suppliers and Environmental Health Officers. All our food safety consultants are ex-environmental health officers themselves, so they are in a perfect position to advise on food safety requirements whenever an EHO inspection is expected. 

Food Safety Management Systems 

Sentients’ food safety consultants provide expert advice on setting up and running a food safety management system based on HACCP principles. Our food safety advisors ensure you keep on top of all the administration with a carefully constructed workflow and documentation system that will help you to make sure:

  1. You have the right written policies, documents and records on file.
  2. Everything is routinely reviewed.

We will help you identify the level of documentation that is right for your business, produce it and/or review what you already have in place.

Food Safety Consultants 

The majority of our food safety clients recognise the value of our ongoing support and take out a service agreement with us. Our service levels differ according to our clients’ individual needs - it’s just like having a specialist on the team, but only when you need them. However much or little you use us, it’s our objective to create a food safety workflow and documentation system which is right for you and so quick and easy to implement it will ‘disappear’ into your day to day working habits.

Food Safety Training

Sentient helps you stay at the forefront of food safety knowledge by delivering a full range of advanced, intermediate and basic food safety, hygiene and hazard analysis training courses. We offer 2 types of course, bespoke or accredited plus have a range of online food safety courses. The benefit of bespoke training is that we devise it to meet your requirements exactly. Our food safety consultants work with you to understand the training needs then construct a programme to give you the maximum benefit that addresses those needs

Our classroom based accredited training is approved by CIEH and RSPH. The benefit of our food safety consultants delivering an accredited course is that the employer gains a recognised level of competence that can be checked by professional bodies. Such accredited food safety certifications show to employees, customers and other organisationsthat the employee/company has attained a recognised level of food safety competence.